New research shows that after 20 years, Texas’s “Top 10 Percent” plan is a poor substitute for affirmative action.

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For about the last 20 years, after a federal court banning affirmative action in college admissions, the state of Texas has relied on the “race-neutral” strategy of for every high school senior graduating in the top 10 percent of their class.

This so-called “Top Ten Percent Plan”…

Women are told to negotiate. But research finds that’s not enough.

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As a freelance writer, I find that the hardest part of the job isn’t coming up with ideas or sitting down to write. Rather, it’s putting a fair dollar value on my work. I have yet to figure out how much to ask for or what my time is worth…

Trade is now a top-tier concern for many U.S. voters, a new series of polls finds.

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U.S. presidents rarely put international trade at the heart of their economic agendas, preferring instead to focus on domestic priorities. President Donald Trump, however, was unique in making trade a defining issue of his presidency. Trump’s with China was a focal point of his administration, as was the…

A conversation with Dorothy Tucker, President of the National Association of Black Journalists

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After George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police this summer sparked protests nationwide, multiple news outlets found themselves embroiled in controversies over insensitive and racist coverage of the unrest.

The Philadelphia Inquirer headlined a story “Buildings Matter Too,” about the impacts of Black Lives Matter protests on city infrastructure…

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Skills of the Trade: Asphalt Technologists Wanted

There are miles of roads and highways that criss-cross the United States. Chances are that you’ve never thought about the blacktop asphalt beneath your wheels as you drive across the country, the state or to your local grocery store.

Asphalt is, however, the obsession of Allen Miller, who…

They are the ones who will bear the brunt of the coronavirus recession.

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A little more than a decade ago, millennial college students graduated into what was then the worst economy in decades. In the United States, the Great Recession wreaked long-term damage on young people, many of whom faced slim job prospects along with mountains of student debt. …

Labor provisions are an increasingly important feature in trade agreements. But do they work?

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How countries treat their workers might seem unconnected to the movement of goods and services across national borders. Yet in many trade negotiations, a trading partner’s labor standards are an increasingly important concern.

The fate of the pending United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), for instance, hinged for months on bipartisan support…

A community’s store of “social capital” can determine how well it rebounds from adversity.

Cities Rise and Fall

As one of the nation’s of steel, the city of Youngstown, Ohio, helped drive American prosperity in two of its most consequential eras — during the Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century and…

Low unemployment rates mask soft spots in the job market, especially among rural Americans and minorities.

For the last several months, Republicans have been resting on the laurels of positive job growth and low unemployment — proof, they say, of the Trump economy’s strength. In March, the nation’s official jobless rate stood at

Research finds same-day voter registration and vote by mail to be the most effective strategies. Robo-calls? Not so much.


Despite the all-consuming attention paid to presidential elections, U.S. voter turnout is among the worst in the world compared to other advanced economies. …

Anne Kim

I write about politics, economics, poverty and opportunity. Author of Abandoned: America’s Lost Youth and the Crisis of Disconnection, from the New Press.

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